The pleasure of those who injure you lies in your pain.


Born in 1803, his birth was uneventful. Nothing particularly special about this boy.. His father was a journeyman carpenter, working long days to put food on the table in the evenin. His mother remained at home caring for him and his two siblings - older brothers.

He grew up on the family farm, helping to care for the livestock and keep the fields tended. When he was of age he attended the local school, until 8th grade. By then he was old enough to take on more responsibility at home and get a job to help bring money into the family.

But Lorne was a bit of a trouble maker - an adventurous one. He had to test the limits for everything. How far could he go before someone spoke up, complained, or otherwise intervened? He was often brought home early from whatever job he'd found, met by a lecture from his mother and a whipping from his father. But it never slowed him down. What fun in life was there without a bit of a challenge?

When he was sixteen, Lorne was caught pick-pocketing. The town had had enough and his punishment was enslavement. Though different at the time, it had its similarities. He was sold off to a farmer, his family never again seen from that day on. He was put into heavy labor, working hard days, sleeping short nights. Occassionally he was sold on to someone new.

Three years passed before he was sold to the man called Michael. Mike didn't look many years older than himself, yet he seemed to hold a world of wealth and respect. Lorne was drawn to the man, entranced by his alluring image. He served Mike for several months, a simple servant, tending to his daily needs. It was a nice change from the physically demanding labor he'd done for several years now. It wasn't until late at night on his seventh month with Mike that he learned the truth. Michael was not human, not really. He was a vampire - a creature of the night, a myth come true. He had lost control, gone too long without feeding, and he fed from Lorne for the first time that night, starting a bond that would last several years.

In 1826 (age 23) Lorne was attacked on his way home from the store. He'd made the same trip hundreds of times, to buy the food he needed to survive - food which Mike did not share. Paper bag was carried under one arm. His mind was elsewhere as he walked, attacked from behind. Mike heard his cries from several blocks away and was there immediately. What he found was horrifying. Lorne had been stabbed several times in his chest and abdomen. He was already pale from bloodloss. There was no chance of survival.. but Mike could not lose him now, not after the bond they shared.

When Lorne awake several days later every part of his body burned. And he was thirsty, though his craving was not for water. His mind was not his own, but that of an animal. In desperation, Mike had changed him, turned Lorne into one of the damned. His mortality had been robbed, but he would not die.

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