Candie Steele

Quietly, she waits...

Current Description:

Human. Ebony locks hang in loose curls and ringlets, reaching low on her back, tickling the waist of her skirt. The long material flows around her ankles with each step she takes. Ears adorn a pair of large hoop earrings. Emerald eyes are accented by a pale shade of shadow, cheeks colored with rouge, lips darkened by gloss. Her blouse is simple yet elegant, pouffed sleeves covering her fingers to the tips. Stilletos finish off the image, and more often than not: a tiny bundle carried in her arms. ╋ [More]


Black hair, which had been cut short, was now long and flowing yet again, reaching low, tickling at her hips, pestering her high cheek bones. Though she'd grown used to the short hair, she had missed having it long and was greatful that it had grown so quickly. Each ear wore a single pair of earrings, usually hoops, of varying sizes. Her face was decorated with pale shades of makeup, made to match whatever color of clothing she wore that day.

Shy, but polite, she generally keeps to herself, silently observing the people she is near. Loyal and obedient, she holds her friends very dear and would do anything for those she loves. Recent events, however, have left the girl in a state of confusion, searching the faces around her for anything familiar. Memories are returning, but they are overwhelming and confusing.

Her clothing is usually simple, but always elegant in one way or another. Frills, skirts, even dresses. It is obvious that she does not come from a family of money, but she is quite capable of looking after herself most of the time.

Pregnancy has obviously reached its term, for now the girl carries around a small bundle, wrapped tightly in a baby blue blanket and held close to her chest at all times, Kaeden Alexander was brought into the world on May 22. His blue eyes come directly from the father, yet black hair has chased that man away. Is it just her imagination, or is it slowly lightening? Though the true father denies it, Candie is starting to realize that it is all a lie. What will happen next?